Wednesday, October 22, 2008

reopening the way

The Feeling and Real Vision
of the Way Reopening

With the blessings and encouragement of our experienced venerable monastic Elders (see the post directly below this one), on October 22nd, after 25 years, the old logging access road and its double landings were reopened and cleared.

This is the first real step in developing the very basic infrastructure for our monastic hermitage here on this land.

Having been well cleared, the road and landings will need to set now through the Northern California winter rainy season, and in the late spring / early summer 2009, a little rock will be put down. Then, under the sun, the road will bake. After baking, it should serve as a good, strong access road to the common areas of our hermitage for years to come.

Funding for the clearing of the road and landings was provided by donations from the small women's monastery/retreat "dream" trust established in 2004/5.

Our gratitude and appreciation to Ayya Tathaaloka's late Grandpa Gil for his establishment of the dream trust, as well as the friends of Wat Buddhanusorn and founding Dhammadharini Board members for their contributions.

walking in the newly cleared access road

the newly cleared upper landing

The old road continues off of the newly-cleared landings leading through the forest, past many lovely nooks and crannies for meditation, perhaps the places of future platforms, tent sites and kutis. Walking on, one comes to the pathway down the mountainside and to the creek.