Sunday, October 14, 2012

Building our own toolshed

Over the past few months, the bhikkhunis and residents of Aranya Bodhi, along with many skillful friends, have been building a beautiful new toolshed.  Sherene, Justin, Janaka, Lal, Erika, Malachi, Lulu, Julie and Ais,  Jamyrson, Kat  Kelly and Lisa, Wink, Joan, Maheshi, Kitty, Nancy, Geri, Teresa, Dina Marie, Healah, Ven. Pasada, Sr. Santacari, Ayya Sudinna ... all of them now have left their mark on our hermitage in this helpful structure.

 It is certainly suitable for a hermitage to create such a clean and orderly space for our building supplies and tools.  In the Suttas and Vinaya, we hear stories of the first monastics building their own huts.  This is a proper kind of work, to be done mindfully and in full awareness. 
We may compare this physical project to our right effort in the Dhamma practice: There is the decisive moment when we arouse energy to begin the work.  Then we apply energy, stepping on the gas, but in a well directed way, balanced and sustained. Then, we don't give up.  Although the body may need to rest, we sustain unremitting, seamless mindfulness, not stopping, not giving up and not turning aside until the goal is finally reached.


We will get a skilled builder to take care of the shingles on that steep roof, but there is still time for volunteers to help finish up this project in October and November, before the winter rains set in.  Contact here if you are interested.

We have put a few items in our Kathina useful things list, coming on November 3.