Friday, June 20, 2008

our first retreat together on the land

The first gathering of our Theravadin Bhikkhuni Sangha in Northern California happened at the San Francisco International Airport on June 11th, 2008. On June 14th we travelled up to the Sonoma Coast for our retreat.

Photos from the first Bhikkhuni Sangha Wilderness Camp Retreat

Jill and Ayya Sudhamma walking the land

Ayya Tathaaloka's tent/campsite (on top of the knoll in the center of the saddle, other bhikkhunis campsites are just a little farther down over the knoll)

Ayya Sudhamma mindfully walking through the forest, over the cave, and down to the creek

Learning creek walking

wild white azaleas above the creek

pindapata, almsmeal and Anumodana Dhammakatha at a friend's cabin, our "village"

Peaceful afternoon abiding (if you look very carefully you can see Ayya Sudinna meditating next to the middle of the lower right tree trunk :)

Late afternoon light on the saddle


more photos are posted on flickr here:

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