Tuesday, June 16, 2009

first Bhikkhuni Training Retreat on the land

Becoming Sangha

The first Theravada Bhikkhuni Training Retreat in North America was held on our hermitage land from June 9th through 16th.

Bhikkhunis came from all around America: Ohio, South Carolina, Minnesota and California. For seven days, led by Ajahn Chandako, a senior Western bhikkhu in the Thai forest tradition, we focused on mindfulness in the forest tradition monastic discipline for our own development and for developing our sense of community - Sangha - with one another.

This is a big step for us here in North America, as most of our bhikkhunis have been and are strong, independant individuals. Spending time, learning how to train together as a community - as a sangha - with one another, is a very big step ahead.

~ Participants ~

- Ven Ayya Tathaaloka Bhikkhuni, Theri - Dhammadharini, Aranya Bodhi Hermitage
- Ven Sudhamma Bhikkhuni - Carolina Buddhist Vihara
- Ven Satima Bhikkhuni - Minnesota Buddhist Vihara
- Ven Maduka Bhikkhuni - Great Determination Hermitage
- Sr Suvijjana Samaneri - Dhammadharini, Aranya Bodhi Hermitage & The Bodhi House

~ Training Teacher ~

Born in America, our training teacher, Ajahn Chandako, lived and trained in the Thai forest tradition of Ajahn Chah, and is currently abbot of Vimutti Buddhist Monastery in New Zealand. He spends retreat time each year in the early summer at the King's Creek Hermitage near Vajrapani in the Boulder Creek area of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

~ Teachings ~

Saraniya Dhammas (see Anguttara Nikaya - Numerical Discourses of the Buddha - AN 6.12)

Natha Karana Dhammas (see Numerica Discourses - AN 10.17)

Kor Wat - Monastic Discipline of the Thai Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah

Vinaya - The Original Buddhist Monastic Discipline

Community Building, Mindfulness and Respect in Monastic Discipline

See the full Slideshow from our Training Retreat here at
Awakening Forest on Picasa


~ ~ ~

~ ~

Many thanks to all friends who made this historic first training retreat possible, especially: Jill, Ruwinie, Christopher, Jerry (Jinaraso), Brenda, Kemanthi, Joan, Asha & friends from Sacramento, Supatra, Sima & Siman, Jacqueline & Nai'a Rose, Shari, Brian and family, David and tipi.com, Dominic & Gaora, Judith, Jeannie & Kitty, Khun O, Liz, and especially Ajahn Chandako.


Matthew Tripp said...
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Vern said...

I lived in Sisaket - which is close to the two temples that Ajahn Chah was associated with in Warin Chamrap at Wat Pah Pong and Wat Pa Nanachat. Such beautiful places. Maybe I saw aj. Chadanko but, I am not sure!

Now I have graduated university and live in the south of Thailand - where I have a small Thai pendant - amulet shop to sell Buddhist jewelry if you want to have some you can find my site (www.ThaiAmuletSales.com)

Thank you for this article - and I will tell my husband about this ajahn because he likes Ajahn Chah same! :) Joy