Friday, January 14, 2011

Lay Steward Sought for Aranya Bodhi

Aranya Bodhi - the Awakening Forest Hermitage is seeking a lay Steward. Aranya Bodhi, a natural forest wilderness on the Sonoma Coast, offers a rare situation for a lay woman during this present auspicious re-energizing of the bhikkhuni sangha. Our new steward may be a monastic life aspirant or a sincere Dhamma practitioner willing to live by the eight monastic precepts. We offer the opportunity to live within a Theravadin forest bhikkhuni community, in your own empty hut, surrounded by roots, cliffs, leafy canopies and creeks.

This February 19th, our present steward, Anagarika Marajina will receive her going forth into monastic life. Following the forest style monastic code, our monastic women do not personally use money and do not drive. The lay steward will be primarily responsible for hermitage errands involving the use of money and driving. Additional responsibilities will depend on her talents and interests. While we would love for our new steward to stay for a long time, we can appreciate shorter term stays of at least one month.

Aranya Bodhi is a new bhikkhuni hermitage supporting two to three monastic women during the winter months and up to ten lay and monastic women during the three months of Vassa, from July to October. We are entirely off grid, with communication being provided by Internet. There is no phone on the hermitage. Accomodations are rustic and the climate year round is cool within the forest.

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