Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hermitage Trailer Update & Invitation from Friends of the Hermitage

Wind, rain, leaks, mold, and mildew won.
The old kitchen trailer succumbed.
 A new used trailer has been found.

Through the diligent work of many friends, the hermitage now has a new used trailer, complete with all the kitchen fixtures, shower, and a separate bedroom for a resident or guest. Thank you all for that!

The new trailer will allow indoor cooking and shower facilities for the four monastic women and the lay steward now living on the land.  In summer, especially during the Vassa retreat from July to October, up to 12 women will use the new trailer along with an outside camp-kitchen and shower tents.

Out of the $9,500 cost of acquiring and installing this trailer, the Alliance for Bhikkhunis offered $2,000 and would like to invite Dhammadharini donors to join in this offering. Awakening Truth (Ajahn Thanasanti Bhikkhuni's support organization in Colorado) has kindly pledged another $3,000. Thank you to all these friends.

$4,500 in donations are needed
to pay the costs that remain.

The Dhammadharini Board of Directors offered to loan these funds to the hermitage (from Dhammadharini funds designated for other purposes), as the kitchen trailer had become an environmental health hazard. With 5-7 women in retreat at the hermitage, it had to be replaced urgently.

Invitation to Participate

Friends of the Hermitage group invites the participation of all supportive friends who would like to join us.   If you wish to donate, see http://www.aranyabodhi.org/dana ... Be sure to indicate the purpose of your gift, and kindly drop a note to awakeningforest@gmail.com so that we can announce when the goal is met.  We will happily reply to any questions about this project and how you can participate.

Sara Sacksteder
on behalf of
Friends of the Hermitage

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