Friday, September 30, 2011

October Events

Dear Dhamma Friends,

As I write from the lower landing, the redwoods are drinking in a cool morning mist. Our 2011 Vassa is just about over, in time for the true seasonal rains of northern California. It has been a quiet time these three months. With the blessing of a month long time of seclusion for each monastic and lay resident, one can see how the community is maturing and progressing both collectively and individually. The first year laid much of the foundation for the current state of energy here. As we see the gifts of so many faithful supporters and the work of those who have devoted their time coming to fruition in the form of a practicing bhikkhuni sangha in the United States, a sense of awe arises. A 2600 year-old tradition preserved in the pages of the Pali Canon, having held its breath for centuries, is now breathing anew for women.

The month of October will bring us many opportunities to welcome you to our hermitage as well as to our activities in the neighboring areas. We are sharing our calendar below and inviting your presence on many very special occasions. Share with us the joy of the blossoming efforts of years of preparation and dedication as our second Vassa at Aranya Bodhi concludes.

Presently, thanks to your loving-kindness and generosity, our food store is filled to capacity. You are most welcome to visit and offer meal dana throughout the month of October and especially on these days indicated below. View our Calender
View our Calender
12 Oct: Full Moon Uposatha - End of Three Month Vassa-time Retreat - Aranya Bodhi Pavarana (End of Vassa Monastic Community Meeting). Meal dana welcome.
13 Oct: 2 bhikkhunis go for Pavarana to Wat Buddhanusorn, Fremont
14 Oct: Visit of Ven Bhikkhuni Metteya with Alfred and Metta to Aranya Bodhi (Meal dana welcome).
15 Oct: Visit of Ven Bhikkhu Khemaratana and Ven Bhikkhu Jaganatha (Meal dana welcome)
16 Oct: Ven Bhikkhu Analayo's teaching at Spirit Rock (2-4 pm), Ordination Rehearsal at Spirit Rock (5-7 pm)."Mindfulness According to Early Buddhist Sources"  Bhikkhus and bhikkhunis stay at Spirit Rock and with nearby hosts.
17 Oct: Bhikkhuni Ordinations at Spirit Rock (9:30 am to 5 pm), Western Buddhist Monastic Gathering begins at City of the Dharma Realm in Sacramento (7:30 pm)
Oct 18: Ven Bhikkhu Analayo's teaching at Sati Center in Redwood City "Dynamics of Insight Meditation" and "Protecting Oneself and Others Through Mindfulness" Ven Ayya Medhanandi and Bhikkhuni Nimmala's visit to Aranya Bodhi
Oct 17-21: Western Buddhist Monastic Gathering, Sacramento
Oct 22-23: ABS Kathina, Sacramento
Oct 27: New Moon Uposatha Lunar Observance at Hermitage (Meal dana welcome)
Oct 29: Aranya Bodhi Hermitage Kathina (end of Vassa - awarding the Robe of Merit) Celebration

With Metta,

the Community at Aranya Bodhi Hermitage

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