Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Challenges of Winter

Dear Friends,

I hope the holidays brought you and your families joy and the happiness of being together. Thank you for the lovely support you've provided to our monastics during these winter months at Aranya Bodhi. It is because of your generous gifts of such things as heaters, electricity, shelter, food and clothing that they are able to live the Holy Life, a rare and priceless opportunity.

This winter has brought a few unforeseen challenges. The wonderful kitchen trailer, recently purchased has been found to have structural deterioration which allowed mold to grow inside a couple of walls and possibly the ceiling. Minor renovation must be undertaken to eliminate the mold and replace the deteriorating wood. To provide the proper conditions after the repair, a dehumidifier, which provides air circulation and moisture removal from the air is very important. In addition, we were unable to repair our hermitage chest refrigerator and it has become necessary to purchase a small freezer for food storage in our remote forest. The freezer would be very helpful when friends make the long trip and bring larger quantities of grocery dana.

These essential repairs will cost about $2500. Your generous support of this emerging bhikkhuni hermitage is essential and gratefully appreciated by all of us.

Much gratitude for your friendship and support,

Shari Gent, President
Dhammadharini Board of Directors

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